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This is sooo far my favorite online dating experience. I believe the men and women who are there are genuinely pursuing God rather than posing. Because there are courses, a podcast, online events (like this month's prophetic mixer) I feel like agaphey is really hands-on and looking out for their members best interests"

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agaphey is the best online dating platform to find laid-down lovers of Jesus

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agaphey is the place to find someone who is passionate about the Lord and holds the same values as you do ……so you can start the journey towards a Christ-centered  marriage and family together

Why we joined agaphey



I joined agaphey to connect with guys who are seeking Jesus wholeheartedly! It’s comforting to know we all share similar beliefs and values. I feel safe to explore friendships to see if we are a match!



I joined agaphey as I desired to interact with incredible women who shared the heart, mind and love of Christ. A low pressure way to meet incredible people from all corners of the world, with great prompts to really get an idea about kids, family, and even relocating!



I joined agaphey because I wanted to meet quality Charismatic men who share my faith and values. I’m so thankful this site was created!



I joined agaphey because I’m not just searching for a wife, I’m searching for someone who is on fire for Jesus.

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I joined agaphey because I really believe that spiritual compatibility is the primary thing that I am looking for in a husband. Everything else can fall into place if that is established. Agaphey is a great way to meet like-minded people who deeply love the Lord and are pursuing marriage, while still being low stakes and fun.

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I avoided dating sites until agaphey was created. I love that I can easily meet charismatic women and fast track the get-to-know-the-basics process of dating. It’s a fun site!

Are you looking to create a Christ-centered family that transforms the culture and environment around you?

agaphey is the only dating platform with this mission and the only place where you get to see the beauty of God’s design for marriage and the strength of the united family unit turn into a reality through connections that resonate with who you are

love stories

people we helped find their spouse

Jeremy and Aimee

She messaged me on agaphey but before I had a chance to see it we met in person. Once I saw the message, I replied and asked her to dinner

Jeremy Wahlie

Jeremy and Brooke

My wife Brooke and I officially met in the Singles Group last summer! We couldn’t be more excited about getting married and are so blessed that this group exists!

Stephanie and Nick

In June 2020, I met my now husband in the singles Facebook group. I was first drawn to some things Nick had shared in the comments in the group. Soon he DM’d me and we hit it off well.
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James and Lisa

I met my wife Lisa when we got on to the European ‘Get-to-know-you’ event that the singles group was running and we were chatting in a breakout room. Lisa and I started messaging after the event

Andy and Michelle

I first saw my wife on a Facebook LIVE for a ministry. I thought to myself, “I would love to meet her.” I checked to see if she was in the singles group and she was. Through a friend I reached out and we began talking.

Kevin and Kendra 1

Kevin and Kendra

On July 2nd, 2020, I decided to post an introduction about myself in the singles group. Within the hour, I got a message from a guy named Kevin. Our first video chat was the first of several 3-hour long video chats…We were married on July 7th, 2021.
Ashlee and Benjy

Ashley and Benjy

I met my husband last December when Benjy posted in the singles group that he might be going to one of the local singles events …….so, I reached out to him and asked if he’d like to get coffee, he agreed right away.
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1. The Dating

Set up your dating profile, share your pictures, search other Kingdom singles and connect via instant messenger, audio or video call

2. Online

Benefit from an ever-expanding list of courses including the Online Dating Masterclass, Kingdom Dating 101 and many more

3. Online

Meet singles in a more face-to-face way. Enjoy online social mixers, speed get-to-know you events and group online games

4. Chatrooms

Create community and get to know people better through our forums. Ask questions and answer others. Start conversations about your favorite subjects and meet like-minded singles

5. Love Story

Increase your hope levels by experiencing real life Christian love stories. Watch their raw and vulnerable testimonies of finding their spouse and let them build faith in you

6. Interviews

Be transformed as you hear from Christian leaders such as Danny Silk (Loving on Purpose Ministries), Caitlin and Cole Zick (Moral Revolution) and Justin and Abi Stumvoll (Living Fully Alive) share their wisdom on navigating singleness, dating and preparing for marriage

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