About Us


Our Mission is to transform the way that Christians date so that it represent God’s Kingdom and His heart for them.

Our mission is to create a Kingdom dating platform that not only brings couples together but helps them to look like Christ while they do it.

Our mission is to create a community of single believers online that connect in a deep and meaningful way.


Our vision is to see 200,000 Kingdom couples united in marriage within our lifetime.

Our vision is to see these couples establish a family unit that transforms the culture and environment around them for the Kingdom of God.

We want the world to see the beauty of God’s covenantal design in marriage and the strength of the united family unit.

We want to be a part of raising up healthy marriages and families that are an example to the world.

Nick and Bec on their wedding day- March 6th, 2021

Our History

It all started when I (Bec) had the idea of hosting a speed dating night at my school of ministry. There were over 3000 on-fire, laid down lovers of Jesus at my school and I couldn’t believe that so many of these fiery revivalists were still single. Having come from a city where I felt amazing, godly singles were so hard to find, I knew I had to do something to help them get together. I had just entered into a relationship and I really wanted to help others. I tried to organise this event, however with it being during the holiday period it proved to not be good timing.

Then, when COVID hit in April of 2020, someone suggested that I host an online speed dating event for the school, since so many people were in lockdown. I said an enthusiastic ‘YES’. We went ahead and had over 75 people attend that first event. I found it so fun and knew I had to do it again. I continued to host these events and then created a Facebook group so that I could post about the events in the group. The group grew quickly and I realised that there was a real need amongst this community and that God had given me a grace to serve them. The group continued to grow to over 1000 members!

I got to do interviews with amazing leaders and we began to hear testimonies of couples getting together (and even getting engaged). I did so many different things including events, online escape rooms etc., all in an attempt to help amazing singles meet. I even got to start another Facebook group for people who were not a part of the school and there is cumulatively now over 2000 people in both groups!!!

Then, in August 2020, I felt the Lord saying that there was an acceleration on Holy Spirit partnerships and teams. I realised that I was playing too small by just having these groups as a means for people to connect. I started to have a vision for transforming culture through amazing, healthy, godly families.

I saw that healthy, godly families started with healthy godly marriages which starts with healthy, godly people.

I realised that the Lord was on it because everywhere I turned I received words to confirm it and if I ever said I needed anything, I would turn around and someone would be there offering to do it for me (usually for free). Ok Lord I thought, let’s do this.

I set out to see how I could help this community of singles, find one another and get married in the most effective way possible.

I sent out surveys, asked questions, talked to singles and heard their struggles.

I was single for the majority of the time I was running the groups so I really did understand, and had been there too.

After putting thought and prayer into it, I realised that a dating platform seemed like a good idea. I loved the idea of having a platform with REVIVIALISTS who were passionate about Jesus and could all come together in one place and not have to go to conventional dating sites (even Christian ones) where it is uncertain if the person they are talking to is even saved let alone running after the Lord. A dating platform allowed members to see detailed profiles and message each other directly (not over Facebook messenger where it could get lost as a message request for months or never be seen).

I also wanted something that was more than merely a dating site. I wanted a place where singles could come and be supported, have community, actually meet people and have fun via online events.

I wanted singles to have access to incredible content so they could be as healthy and whole as possible during the dating process and for their future relationships and marriages.

 I also wanted to focus on things that produce HOPE. 

I wanted a platform that included testimonies and love stories, really anything that would ignite a hope within the hearts of singles for the amazing plan and destiny that the Lord had for them in the area of relationships and marriage.

We have already seen so much fruit and relationships (including my own marriage). Someone said to me recently that they have seen more marriages in my school this year than any other year and that just made me think THAT IS WHY I AM DOING THIS!

I am excited to continue to expand, to bring on more services that can help singles and to see 200,000 Kingdom marriages brought about through this ministry, so that generations will be changed for the Kingdom of God!

I believe I have seen the goodness of the Lord in finding my own husband through an online platform (I LOVE being married SO much) that I am even more motivated than ever to help others to find their spouses.


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